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Air-conditioner Remote Controller. K-100E

Publish Date 2010-07-10
- K-100E (100 in 1) Versatile Air-conditioner Remote Controller.
- It has a powerful codebase and can control most air-conditioners of all brands in the world.
- It has a memory function during the electricity failure; It also has a function of manually searching (plus or minus) or automatically searching for adaptable type of air-conditioners, which makes it easy and convenient for you to search for a suitable type of air-conditioner.
- It has complete functions and a comfortable hand feeling, which bring you enjoyment to the maximal extent.

Model: K-100E
Compatible: Universal A/C Batteries: 2*AAA
Can material: ABS Transmitting

Setting method of product
1、Manually plug-in the air conditioner, aim the remote control at the receiving window of the air conditioner.

2、Hold SET button (for about six seconds) until the conditioner type code changes in the window, indicating you have entered the high-speed conditioner type search status. press OK button to stop searching until the air conditioner automatically starts.

3、Test whether the functions of remote control buttons (excluding Temperature and buttons, timed ON/OFF buttons, and SET button) are correct. If yes, the code is effectively set. If not, press SET button to continue once the search.

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