IPTV Remote controller

IPTV Remote controller

Model No.︰IPTV-001

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Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1000 pc

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IPTV-001   IIPTV (is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol Television) is an interactive network TV, is a use of broadband cable networks, set the Internet, multimedia, ... ... and other technology, and to home users, including a variety of interactive digital television, including new technology based services. Users at home can enjoy IPTV services in two ways: computer, network ... normal TV set-top box
YUANSHENG introduced the first set of the National Microelectronics 2.4G wireless mouse and keyboard, Internet TV set-top boxes and television infrared remote control as one multi-function remote control program ------ IPTV-001.
IPTV-001 remote control program is Internet TV, IPTV set-top boxes, computers and other media devices to control the new equipment. Allows the user holding the remote control lying on the sofa, want to enjoy interactive entertainment, such as: watching network TV, Web browsing, e-mail, QQ chat, play games and more.
IPTV-001 Features
● handheld with the backlight keyboard
Match more than 20 bright stars dazzling LED lights, to facilitate an environment in poor lighting to use this equipment.
● 2.4G wireless adapter and the IR integrated design
Integration of exclusive design, so that the product convenient and easy to carry, but also more humane.
● innovative design of the Navigation keys
The direction control key game ingeniously combined into a control rod in the form, you feel the thrill of wireless gaming.
● Windows Media Control
Whether you are sitting on the couch or a comfortable bed, multi-media wireless control, let you enjoy the pleasure of multimedia enjoyment.
● conversion mode three devices
PC, STB, TV convert the three devices, easy to control a remote system and other electrical equipment IPTV.
● STB, TV equipment in addition to function outside the learning function is also prepared
May be other STB, TV and other infrared remote control code sent to the remote control in the study, as expand the use of remote control range.
● Built-in more staying power rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Advanced lithium-ion battery charging time is short, use a longer time between charges for up to 1 month.
● have a real notebook Touchpad
Capacitive sensing technology with advanced, comparable to a real notebook touchpad.
● real full-function mini-QWERTY keyboard
Delicate appearance, clever keyboard layout, so you have a real full-function keyboard mini QWERT.

● Suitable temperature: - 10 ℃ to + 55 ℃
 ● Battery Type: Built-in polymer lithium-ion battery
 ● Standby time: 500 ~ 700 hours
 ● Operating distance: 2.4G as far as 30 meters
 ● Modulation: RF uses DSSS mode, enhanced anti-jamming capability
 ● Transmit Power: +4 dBm maximum
 ● Operating voltage: 3.3V
 ● Operating Current: <80mA
 ● Charge voltage: 4.2V - 5.05V
 ● Charge current: <350mA
 ● Sleep Current: <2mA

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Payment Terms︰ T/T

Lead Time︰ 25 day

Standards Certificate︰ ISO9001

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