Heat pump machine controller

Heat pump machine controller

Model No.︰Yio-K70/K90

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Product Description

Heat pump machine controller Model: Yio-K70/K90,
K-70 as a single system,  K-90 for the dual system)
First, an overview
The controllers are suitable for single and double compressor (single phase / three phase), air-cooled, direct water or loop heat pump water heaters. Controller from the motherboard, indoor operation wired remote thermostat (optional). Reliable performance, advanced functionality and flexible, user settings, full-featured good looks protection.
Second, the main technical parameters
1, conditions of use
operating voltage: AC220V/380V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1Hz.
Operation ambient temperature: -20 ~ +75

storage temperature: -30 to +80 ° C
Relative Humidity: 0 ~ 95% RH
2, temperature control accuracy: + -1

3, the controller to meet GB4706.1-1998 "for household and similar electrical appliances - Safety Part I: General requirements
GB4706.32-1996 "special requirements of the safety of household and similar electrical appliances heat pumps, air conditioners and dehumidifiers
GB18430. 2-2001 vapor compression cycle in cold water (heat pump) for household and similar use cold water (heat pump)
Immunity in line with GB4343.2-1999
Printed circuit board to comply with the provisions of GB4588.1 and GB4588.2
the main controller function
1, the heating operation
2 shows the tank temperature and set temperature, the query function (available on the coil temperature, ambient temperature, exhaust temperature, etc.)
3, the automatic power-down memory of various parameters, calls can be automatically restored to normal operation
Four power-down after the clock is still running, and to cut the trouble of re-adjusted per blackout
5, the peak load shifting function within 24 hours to achieve the two timer switch
6, a variety of parameter settings and corrections
7, the electric auxiliary heating function
8, the password is set
9, the automatic defrost function
10, forced defrost function
11, the cooling function
12, the large LCD screen display (Transmissive LCD screen blue and white)
13, with perfect protection function
14, the fault code display (available on the cause of the malfunction press not open or press stop) and keyboard lock function
15, switch machine in real time to show the water
16, three-phase power phase, reverse phase protection
17, until the water + recycled water model with independent circulating water mode selection
18, the electronic expansion valve, automatic control
19, crankshaft heating control
20, the antifreeze function
21, in the case of panel (or panel damage), the system can automatically identify and automatically open the mechanism of hot water

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